Day 1 - International Partner Conference on Repowering 2023

International Partner Conference on Repowering 2023, theme “Coal to X. Nuclear Repowering Towards Energy Transition Pathway”

Day #1 Hybrid
Tuesday, November 7th, 2023
Venue: ITB Campus, CRCS Building, 2nd Floor

Online Via Zoom and Youtube Channel LPPM ITB
Link Zoom:
Meeting ID: 953 4676 9093
Passcode: 237408
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Download: Virtual Background

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Staffan Qvist (Quantified Carbon)
Introduction & Background to the repowering programme

Prof. Yaoli Zhang (Xiamen University)
Techno-economic studies on coal Repowering in China

Prof. Jeong Ik Lee (KAIST)
Coal Repowering in South Korea

Prof. Dwiwahju Sasongko (ITB)
Perspective on Coal Repowering in Indonesia

Nuni Sutyoko (Head of Corporate Sustainability HSBC)
Just Energy Transition Partnerships x(JETP) and other funding for repowering and transitions

Bob S. Effendi (Project Manager)
Project Presentation of ITB-QCL on Coal Repowering Study

Dr. Retno Gumilang (ITB)
Project Presentation of ITB-QCL on Coal Repowering Study

Prof. Muyi Yang (ISETS)
Policies to enable coal repowering in China

Prof. Łukasz Barteła (DESiRE consortium)
Topic: Coal Repowering in Poland

Dr. Staffan Qvist • Quantified Carbon


Professor Yaoli Zhang • Xiamen University


Professor Jeong Ik Lee • KAIST


Prof. Dwiwahju Sasongko • Institut Teknologi Bandung


Nuni Sutyoko • Head of Corporate Sustainability HSBC


Mr. Bob S. Effendi • Project Manager


Dr. Retno Gumilang • Institut Teknologi Bandung


Dr. Muyi Yang • ISETS




03 November 2023