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The 20th century, and will also continue to the 21st century, is marked with the fast development of science especially in the field of biology and its applications in many aspects of life. The discovery of how genetic works has enabled us to know the composition of human and other organism genetics. In the field of agriculture, we have implemented the genetic knowledge to develop superior crops or livestock which grow faster, diseases resistant, and producing more yield with better qualities. In health field, the human genome project has allowed us to understand better human biology, which consequently results in the breakthrough of diseases treatments. Wherever we look, we will always find the application of biological knowledge advancement in human life.


Many studies have shown that Indonesia as a country will be an important economic power in the world. Presently, Indonesia has become the member of G-20, which is a group consisting of 20 countries with high economic power. It was forecasted that in 2030, Indonesia will become one of 6 countries with the highest economic power in the world. The development of Indonesia’s economy is mainly supported by resources and demography which Indonesia has. However, there have also been several studies which showed paradox, that currently, Indonesia has deficits in work forces, either in the fresh graduate level, middle management, or top management. Additionally, it was also said that the problems arose not due to limited amount of work forces, but because the quality of the work forces. Based on this, it can be concluded that the challenge which Indonesia will face is the improvement and equity of education in Indonesia and the vanguard of education is the teachers.


Realizing the potency of biology which will be the driving force of Indonesia economic development in the future and the importance of teacher’s quality, especially biological teacher who will generate working force that not only participated but also the stimulant for Indonesia economic development, therefore the Physiology, Animal Development, and Biomedical Group of Expertise (KK FPHSB) carried out the “Capacity Enhancement for Biology Teachers with Modern Biological Larning Model”.


The program was held at Sekolah Alam Lampung, Jalan Airan Raya, Way Hui, Bandar Lampung, Jati Agung, South Lampung Regency, Lampung 35131. It was attended by 26 biology teachers who also members of “Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran Biologi” (MGMP Biologi) in Lampung. The program consisted of two parts, lectures and hands on practices. There were two lectures, the first one was about recent biotechnological products (Figure 1a) and the second lecture was about biotechnology in education curriculum (Figure 1b). The hands on practices were comprised of three different topics: (1) Diffusion and Osmosis Using Red Blood Cells as Models, (2) Factors Affecting Heart Rate, and (3) Factors Affecting Animal Respiration. During the hands on practices (Figure 2), the member of KK FPHSB first gave an explanation about the topics and demonstrated how the practices were performed. After that, the teachers did the hands on practices by themselves and were given several tasks that they had to perform. Finally, based on what the teachers have done, they had to create a practical modules which then presented to all participants.


After the program, 26 modules based on the three different hands on practices were created and the teachers were encouraged to apply the modules that they had learnt in their respective schools. According to the evaluation questionnaires handed out to the teachers at the end of the activity, the program is deemed satisfactory and highly useful. However, some of the teachers suggested that the program should be carried out in a longer time duration in order to be more effective.


HEAD OF RESEARCH TEAM : Dr. Wardono Niloperbowo
TEAM MEMBERS : Dr. Anggraini Barlian, Dr. Sony Heru Sumarsono, Dr. Ahmad Ridwan, Dr. Tjandra Anggraini, Dr. Indra Wibowo, Dr. Lulu Lusianti Fitri, Dr. Ayda Trisnawaty Yusuf, Dr. Marselina Irasonia Tan.
OFFICIAL ADDRESS : SITH-ITB, Jalan Ganesa 10 Bandung;
EMAIL : wardono@sith.itb.ac.id

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